I had no idea who I wanted to be when I crew up. I would daydream about being a social worker and helping people in need. I actually became a community health worker and it felt so much life social work. I loved it. It was a season in my life I will never forget. After working as a health care interpreter, community health worker and then a patient financial counselor.

I learned a few things about myself. I LOVE to serve. Its something that comes so naturally to me. I never knew what my true calling was until I decided to become a photographer and life coach. Being a successful photographers is more than pretty pictures. I believe what makes a great photographer is bringing joy to the wedding and capturing it during the whole wedding day. I get to bring a serving attitude to my brides and all their guests. I truly love my job because its more than a job, its a lifestyle.

The best part of this amazing job is that I get to work with an amazing team and couples. I leads the videography team and I love proving my couples with amazing full wedding photography and videography services. Being able to provide a stress free experience with gorgeous images on the best day of their lives is something I will never stop doing! 

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Karina Lissette

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Karina L

El Campo, TX        

Homeschooling, Photography and Productivity. 

Empowering women find purpose in motherhood. 

Photographer, email writer, life coach, blogger and youtuber. 

I was born in Virginia but 100% Salvadorian :) 


Three year old princess that loves to sing, dance and tell her brother what to do!


The boy with the biggest heart, mommy's biggest fan and dreams of becoming a wedding videographer and spiderman!


The dreamer, lead photographer, content creator, and organizing guru.  

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