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Every time someone asks me where I’m from I say “El Salvador”. If they ask where I was raised, I say “El Campo, Tx.” If they ask where I was born, I reply “Virginia.” The thing is, I’ve moved a lot and my heart is divided in so many places, but my favorite is El Campo. It’s a small town near Houston full of sun and smiling faces. That's why, when I always come back here. It’s where I want my children to be raised and build an amazing life together. 

Here are a few facts about me :

I’m a single mom of two
I love Jesus
I homeschool my children
Fur mom of 3
Love adventure and the outdoors
Focus a lot on productivity and purpose
I love motherhood 
I find ways to improve daily

The best part of this amazing career is that I get to work with amazing families. They love each other, and I get to capture this beautiful season of their life. If I’m not homeschooling, serving the community, editing, or photographing milestones then I’m probably planning our next epic road trip in our skoolie :) 

Dreamer & Magic maker

Karina Lissette

Karina L

Houston, Texas Wedding Photographer






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Karina L

El Campo, TX        

Homeschooling, Photography and Productivity. 

Empowering women find purpose in motherhood. 

Photographer, email writer, life coach, blogger and youtuber. 

I was born in Virginia but 100% Salvadorian :) 


Three year old princess that loves to sing, dance and tell her brother what to do!


The boy with the biggest heart, mommy's biggest fan and dreams of becoming a wedding videographer and spiderman!


The dreamer, lead photographer, content creator, and organizing guru.  

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